Speech & language


There are shockingly large numbers of children in the UK who struggle to develop their speech, language and communication skills. The impact of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) can be wide-ranging and long term – affecting other areas of development as well as learning, attainment, behaviour, self-esteem and long-term prospects.

With the right early intervention, children make better progress, the longer-term impacts are minimised and many children can even catch up. We use ‘ages and stages’ information to help us profile where a pupil is at with their speech, language and communication. Speech, language and communication skills all follow expected patterns of development, so if you look at what a child should be able to do at their age, this will help to give a really clear picture across different areas and clarify if they are on track or not.

1:1 Fee: £25 FOR 30 MINS

Pre School Speech, Language & Communication Course: £30 starting on Monday 3rd June and every Monday until 5th July.